Bespoke Cakes: An Experience in Taste

bespoke cake

Bespoke cakes are designed and produced by a professional pastry chef specializing in beautiful, delicious cakes especially for all occasions. Becoming a pastry chef is not a short journey in life but many turn out to be experts in cake design and end up running their own cake business. Only the best quality ingredients are used to ensure that the cakes are mouthwatering and come at competitive prices. Working with celebrity clients also requires skills that one is expected to possess. Bespoke cakes come out of the oven as seen on TV, on the front page of magazines and at weddings. Many are left wondering what became of Bespoke cakes when they were so popular not so long ago.

Bespoke Cakes

The first Bespoke cakes were a response to the market need for beautifully decorated cakes by the fashion conscious in the 18th century. At this point in time many bakers had created large and bold chocolates and fruit tarts which were imported from France. The first British chef, Thomas Gainsborough, was so impressed by the appearance of these French-inspired creations that he decided to recreate them in the UK and introduced a new flavor in the market – Choc Chip. Bespoke cakes are produced in small batches in specialist bakeries with the most popular designs are original creations created by an artisan with a proven track record of creating top quality results every time. If you have ever wanted to eat a flavorsome French bake, why not choose Bespoke?

The demand for Bespoke cakes is growing by the minute with an increasing number of wedding events being planned around traditional tastes such as classic chocolates and buttery cakes. These days, it’s not unusual for a wedding to be catered entirely for by an outside caterer. This has caused a sharp increase in demand for bespoke wedding cakes, with traditionalists upset at the perceived lowering of standards due to the increased competition. It is therefore vitally important for a bride to select her caterer carefully and consider carefully which bakery produce the highest quality product, in order to enjoy a truly memorable and elegant wedding day.

Types of Bespoke Cakes

There are many different types of Bespoke cakes available. One of the most popular options is the torched meringue cake, which was originally designed for the Spanish Royal wedding in the 16th century. This cake is made with three tiers of unsalted pastry baked in dark chocolate with a center piece of flower-shaped fresh flowers. Torched meringue is also available in a range of flavors such as lemon, peach and carrot; alternatively, white and blue Meringue pies and tarts are also available. The perfect cake can really add an elegant touch to any wedding, whether it is rich or light; whether you opt for something traditional or more modern, fresh flowers or candy, there is no shortage of choices for you to choose from.

Fruit and Veggie Cakes

Another popular choice for Bespoke cakes is the handmade fruit and veggie cakes. These are exceptionally flavorful and can be designed to suit even the pickiest palate! With so many different varieties available, it is possible to find vegetarian cakes that have an amazingly tough outer shell and are full of delicious flavor, from cheese to yoghurt to lemon. These bespoke cakes are made with the utmost care and by skilled pastry chefs who use fresh ingredients to ensure that each and every customer is guaranteed to be completely satisfied. Vegetarian customers especially will be pleased with the choice on offer.

Styles and Flavors

Many people also prefer bespoke cakes in a number of different styles and flavors. The classic white cake has always been a favorite but there are some increasingly popular alternatives such as wedding sandies, pink, purple and green flavors. These are all based on the flower symbolizing marriage, which can be chosen to complement the actual theme of your wedding. Another popular option for bespoke cakes are those that feature a variety of different kinds of toppings, including strawberries, pineapple and chocolate. A popular alternative to the traditional white cake is the option to have an ice cream sundae or sorbet flavor frozen onto the top of the cake.

Cake Designs

To complement these Bespoke cakes there are a wide range of options in terms of decorating, frosting and toppings to choose from. A delicious and easy way to bring your ideal flavors to life is to use edible silk flowers to decorate your Bespoke cake. The flowers can be arranged to match your cake design and can be purchased from an assortment of specialist suppliers in the UK. Silk flowers can be decorated using a myriad of different techniques, including using combination icing to add extra dimension and detail to the design or using fondant to create a soft, textured frosting to replicate a lot of different traditional cake designs.

Levels of Consumption

There is no need for a special occasion to celebrate if you wish to present your guests with a Bespoke cake. These cupcakes can be given at any time of year as a gift for any anniversary or wedding. It is important however, that you select high quality ingredients when preparing bespoke cakes so that they are able to withstand high levels of consumption by your intended recipient. By choosing a supplier that can produce cupcakes that are both beautifully crafted and full of flavor, you will be able to ensure that your wedding day is an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends.