Respect and Enjoy the Happy World Photography Day

Happy World Photography Day - 19th August

Do you people know what precisely a photograph means? Have you heard about happy World Photography Day? Well, before starting the discussion about World Photography Day, let us gain some idea about photographs. A photograph is nothing but a togetherness of all our memories. Those memories can be sad, happy, or a mixture of many emotions.

But have you ever thought about what would have happened if the invention of the Photography machine was not there? Well, it feels like a terrible dream. Do you know the name of that fantastic photo-clicking machine? The daguerreotype is the name of that machine.

Must you be curious to see the name of the inventor? Without Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Frenchmen Louis Daguerre, World Photography Day would not have been possible because they are the machine’s inventors. Happy photography day has a strong connection with the invention of the photography machine.

History of World Photography Day

This day is celebrated on 19th August every year. In 1839, this daguerreotype process was launched. The French Government then acquired the patent of this machine and declared these machines are available to the world free of cost. Before that, on 9th January 1839,
The French Academy proclaimed that from now the daguerreotype process is in existence. We talked about the scenario in 1837. But the contemporary photography has no similarity with that of 1837.

Wait for important information:

It was the second time that Niepce took a permanent photograph. What was the first time he did then? The first time in 1826, Niepce took another photograph permanently in nature with the help of heliography. He then gave that photograph the name “View from the Window at Le Gras.” These factors are also strongly connected with Happy Photography Day.

The journey to first clicking color photographs is fascinating.

It was Thomas Suttan who clicked the first color photo. It was durable as well. But how? He randomly chose three black and white color photographs and used red, blue, and green filters. But the outcome was not very satisfactory.

Some people have a passion for clicking beautiful, exciting photos. They desire their images to be seen worldwide.

19th August, World Photography Day is special for another reason. The year was 2010 on the same date; the world’s first global online gallery came into existence.

Result of such online photo gallery:

Approximately 270 photographers finally got the opportunity to fulfill their dream. They posted the photos clicked by them with great passion. It may sound unbelievable, but photo lovers from more than 100 countries have seen those photos and appreciated them. This initiation of the gallery has made this World Photography Day a great success. Why World Photography Day? Because the aim behind the online photo gallery is to enable Photography skill/ talent reach worldwide. This day has also been considered unique due to the first official global online photo gallery invention.

We all know that today people are crazy for clicking selfies. They cannot restrict themselves from enjoying selfies. Selfie means to connect your photo by yourself.

But there is a very interesting history of selfies.

In 1839, American Robert Cornelius invented the process of selfies. He did an experiment where he adjusted the camera slightly up as is done nowadays. Then he removed the lens cap and clicked his photo by himself. Isn’t it very interesting! He marked such a picture as a light picture that he is the only one who ever took it in 1839. This whole incident can also be considered to be the reason for happy World Photography Day.

All about digital photography

You may be aware that the Kodak Company was the first one who launched the first digital camera in the market. But do you know that about 20 years have passed since the time Kodak invented the digital camera? Yes, it is true. It was Russel Kirsch’s son whose photo was clicked digitally. That digital photograph had a resolution of 176×176.

Just imagine what would be the scenario now if those famous concepts like selfies were not there? Well, it is better not to imagine those terrible things. There is not a single person who does not like clicking photos nowadays. Selfies have become an addiction for many people. Before or even after the invention of digital cameras, we used to visit studios for our photos to be clicked. But now, smartphones enable easy selfie clicks.

So people enjoy their photo session starting from home to the workplace with different poses. Even we find youngsters enjoying clicking selfies at the roadside.

You all may agree that old is gold. Yes, the technology is no doubt advanced, but the concept was already there in 1837, for which we celebrate happy World Photography Day.

We should salute the inventors of selfies, digital photography ideas, and photography machines. Why? Mainly because at that time, there was no availability of smartphones. But still, such a need for photos and creative ideas popped into their mind. So to show respect to them and their creations, we should celebrate happy photography day. And since this creation has its impact worldwide, we call it enjoyable world Photography day.

What are the possible ways you can celebrate happy world photography day?

Well, the ways to celebrate world photography day with joy vary from person to person. But if you are confused about what to do, here are some points to help you:

  1. You can enjoy world photography day by simply clicking photos of beautiful sceneries, loved ones or even think of a group photo.
  2. Take enormous selfies on the very day to enjoy the fullest.
  3. You can even show gratitude towards the personalities who have big hands behind photography by reading about them.

And if you are a professional photographer, 19 August every year means a lot to you. Right? This date, no doubt, boosts these artists to do more interesting works.

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